Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tamara Lackey and Creative Live's Photo Contest for Westscott Lighting

WOW! Someone has an opportunity to win a set of new lighting from Creative Live and Tamara Lackey.  I have entered the contest with my photo and I would love for you to click over and vote for me.  You can vote every 24 hours.
I first met Tamara at WPPI 2010.  I had a found row seat and even got to go up on stage with her and demonstrate on how to ignore you clients.  Even though she ignored me, it was so worth it because I won some Kubota bucks :)  Tamara has a way with children.  I learned so much from her class.  I came back and totally changed my whole photography business.  I listened to what my customers wanted better.  I also treated my child that was to be photographed differently.  I didn't rush into the shoot.  I talked to them, gained their trust, and let them express their feelings.  Children don't always have to have the "cheese" face.  I love talking to them and asking if they like to pick their nose, or if their sibling eats their boogers.  Kids crack up and get all into it.  Parents kinda freak out, but they are getting used to me.  I just love the variety of expressions little comments will bring out of a child.  The word boogers might make them laugh, wrinkly their nose, or give me that you have GOT to be kidding face.  I like to play with them, take their mind off of taking photographs.  I have to be comfortable, to make them comfortable.  That is the only way to achieve a natural photograph.  I love to roll them in the grass or tickle them until their belly shakes with laughter.  I love even more when the parents get involved.   Some of the sweetest, most unprovoked expressions can be discovered through the art of play.  I always love for parents to take advantage and jump in with their kids for a quick shot.  That shot will mean the world to them as they get older.
I was so fortunate enough to meet Tamara and learn about these things from her.  I follow her on facebook and twitter.  I have also signed up with Creative Live, who btw has some great workshops on digital cameras if you would like to improve your knowledge of your camera.  I also YouTube and watch to learn different techniques on how do improve my photography that each of them post.  They are a great team.  I will be heading back to WPPI this year and hope to squeeze into another front row seat.  I am really looking forward to it.
 SO, now, go check out my photo HERE.  Just click those words and it will take you there.  I could SO use this lighting!  Mine was bought from and old pro who retired back in 2000, and there is no telling how old it is. I am sure the lights are ready to retire too!  Thank you and God Bless!

Also, check out and like Tamara Lackey Photography and Creative Live's facebook pages.  You will be glad you became a follower become a follower! Oh! Don't forget to follow me here on the blog and on my Davis Photography facebook page. :)  I had to include a few more photos from this session for you to see.  Yep, even mom jumped in for one.  The best thing about photographing children, is watching them grow.  I have taken their photos for many Christmas's now.  Thank you for being a faithful customer.  Thanks for checking it out, God Bless.

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