Wednesday, January 26, 2011


That used to be a scary word for me.  I attended my first WPPI 2010.  COMPLETELY AMAZING experience.  I was a little confused on things, I will admit.  I kept hearing this word, and thought, why do people keep using it??  What does it mean??  Then I figured out, IT WAS THEIR LOGO!  (well, kinda right, but I was still wrong)  So, the year was coming to a close and I had in my head what I wanted to change about 2011.  I wanted a logo that was me.  And that is when that word popped into my head again.  Branding.  And the light came on.  I am going to put this into a way that most people can relate, and how I had to relate (notice, it has been a year almost and the light finally clicked).  I can go to Walmart, and buy a pair of jeans for $10.  They aren't bad jeans, probably won't last me a long time.  They don't quite fit just perfect, but they will work!  OR I can save my money for a few weeks, splurge and buy a pair of Silvers.  What attracts me to the Silver BRAND Jeans?  Have you ever worn them?  They are the best feeling jean I have ever worn.  AND LOOK!  They even have the word BRAND in their name.  What is it about products that draw people to their name?  Quality, Authentic, What they stand for.  That is what I came to realize about my photography.  I want a brand.  A label when people seen it, they know what it stands for.  I want an label that people can't live without.  I had to realize, I am not just selling an 8x10 print.  I am selling how well I work with others, how well I do my job, my talent, my equipment, my knowledge, my experience, my time, my time away from my family, my time editing, returning phone calls, answering emails, my education.  Most importantly, I am selling ME, and what I stand for.  I am selling Pamela Davis Brand.  I don't want to be looked at as the "cheaper choice."  I want to be looked at for Me, and all of that stuff I mentioned above.  I want my bride to know that she will be getting the up most attention on her wedding day.  I don't want her to stress over hoping her photos come out ok, because to me they better be more than just ok.  I want her to know, she can trust me.  She can trust my knowledge, my camera skills, my talent, delivery of photos within 3 weeks…  I can go on and on what I want her to know.  I want my mom of her newborn child to know, if the baby is fussy, we can break, feed her, cuddle her, relax, and enjoy it.  I want people to know, when you get me, you get a package.   I go above and beyond with my clients.  I want a good foundation for my business to grow from.  This is more than just a hobby for me, or a business.  It is a passion.  A passion for people, a passion for exceptional images, a passion for quality, and a passion for customer satisfaction.  So, from now on, when you see this logo, you can count on this logo.  Because I will not let this logo loose its brand.


Now, fellow photographers, I hope and pray you have learned something from this post. Something it has taken me awhile to learn myself. Don't cheat yourself. Don't sell yourself short. If you want something, go after it. I am very willing to talk to anyone interested in this topic. Look at the photos above, are you pricing yourself for what you are selling? Don't be the "cheaper choice." Be the "People's Choice."  I can totally relate to pricing effectively.  I am willing to work with any  client on any budget.  Don't work for nothing.  You are worth something.  Thank you for reading, and God Bless.

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  1. I <3 me some Silver Jeans.....WELL worth the money, even with the holey kind! :)