So this is Pamela Davis...

Hey!  Thanks for stopping by my blog.  I have been on this crazy, wild photography journey for about 6 years now.  Each and every day that God gives us teaches me something new.  I am a wife to a great husband for 10 years!  I am pretty excited about that!  We have 3 beautiful little girls.  My family is my life.  I live in a very small town, but love every minute of it.  I am not a city girl by no means!  I love adventure, I am very speratic, and I have a very short attention span which causes me to get sidetracked easily {thanks Facebook}!  I am studying this year for my Certified Professional Photographer's exam.  I hope to pass the first time so keep your fingers crossed for me.  If you have taken the exam, I would love some advice or words of encouragement.   I am new to the blogging world, but hopefully you learn something about me or my work.  I would love to hear from you!  You can visit my website and send me a message from there.
Thanks again! Oh, yeh, and I LOVE basketball!

Me and My hubs for 10 Years <3, Me in Redrock Canyon,  My awesome baby girls I was telling you about, and myself with 3 other amazing women in Redrock during WPPI 2011 <3