Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lessons about a Black Reflector

When I first purchased my 5-1 reflector set, I was irritated that I was wasting money for a black reflector.  EVERYONE knows that black doesn't reflect anything!  But I wanted the rest of the set so I went ahead and purchased it.  I was watching Bambi Cantrell on CreativeLive one weekend, and was completely captivated!  She was USING a black reflector.  Here is what I learned!  Black ABSORBS light.  It absorbs light to prevent blow outs!  She is completely amazing and if you EVER can catch a class of hers in person or online, I promise you it will be worth it.  She is a master at lighting and posing.  Anyway... Back to the purpose of this blog.

I was at a school doing photographs in the parking lot.  The concrete was acting as a great reflector!  But one problem.  It was putting a HORRIBLE glare on the glasses.  So, I decided to try something.  I immediately thought of Bambi and the black reflector.  I had a girl hold the reflector to absorb the light so it wouldn't reflect onto her glasses.  It worked!  Check it out!  There is a huge difference!  If you are ever in this situation, and don't have a black reflector, just make a wall of people in dark shirts.  Good luck learning and practicing!

P.S. I just took a screenshot from Lightroom because I was so excited to show the Difference.

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