Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shes like the Wind

This week for I Heart Faces, the theme is wind. I have been working very head, and photography is becoming more of a job than a passion. Today I decided to take a break and shoot for me. I found some old gels and desided to shoot SOOC today. I made my own filters with the gels, some dirt, and scraps of paper. The end of my camera looks like I stuck it into the trashcan, but I am in love with the curiousness that the photos invoke. I love photos I can look at and wonder about the day. I love photos with meaning and that tell a story. I am so glad I took a couple hours for me today. I am especially happy I Heart Faces gives us challenges to look forward to every week. I will probably be posting a photo of my camera later with all the junk on the end and maybe a whole blog about my day. I have more photos from the day posted on my facebook page as well. Enjoy!  I love how the wind caught their dresses. They will hate me I am sure later in life for this!