Monday, February 7, 2011

See thru to your Heart


I have a problem.  I will admit. I am a sucker for eyes.  Seems like that is all that matters to me in a photograph.  I am just drawn to them.  I think it is because they eyes show you someones heart.  You can tell if a person is happy, sad, sick, or tired just by looking at their eyes.  The eyes lets you read someone's heart.  You can tell if they have good intentions just by looking into their eyes.  I guess that I why I fell in love with my husband.  He has the biggest, brown puppy dog eyes you have ever seen.   My little girl has inherited them.  Yeh, she can get pretty much whatever she wants with those hehe. Thank you iheartfaces for the inspiration this week.  I hope you enjoy my heart catchlights.  Don't forget you can also enjoy my website or follow my work on facebook.  Let me know if you do!   =)


  1. Oh. my. My heart skipped a little bit. I love love this picture! I'm a real sucker for eyes too, and hers are just gorgeous! And I LOVE the hearts in her eyes! <3 oh. Yes. Love love love!

  2. What a sweetie! I absolutely LOVED your image of the baby in daddies pants pocket from last weeks challenge!! Sooo precious!

  3. That's so awesome! LOVE!