Friday, April 2, 2010

Here is the start!

Well, this is my first blog. Now to figure all of this out. At WPPI, it was suggested everyone should have a blog. I really don't know if people will be interested in what I have to say or feel for that matter. We shall see. Now, how the heck to I get photos and things up? You couldn't possibly understand what is going thru my mind right now. Part of me says write about yourself, the other side says you need a plan first with design, layout, pictures. Why can my brain ever agree. ha. So, I am a wife. I have been married to my wonderful husband Doug for almost 10 years. We have 3 beautiful, wonderful children, Kaylee, Emilee, and Kenzee. They are wonderful most of the time until it comes to cleaning their room. ha. But I am sure most mothers can relate to that. I own and operate 2 business. Thats right. I am super busy. I have a sign, t-shirt business called Here's Your Sign and my other business is photography i.e. Pamela Davis Photography. So, the other half of my brain is dying to figure this out. So, I will write more when I get this layout/design part of me happy. Thanks for reading. :) Have a good day.

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