Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I just love babies. How they can change their mood, expression in just a blink of an eye. They are so funny. I often wonder, what are they thinking. I must look like a fool to them. This crazy lady with this black thing in front of her face. Either way, I end up making them my friend.


  1. Miley Jean is a beautiful little girl!! Her pictures turned out soo pretty ~ Gretchen and Roger will have a hard time choosing! You should be very proud of your work, Pam. You put a lot of work and effort into your photos and it shows!

  2. Pam, thanks for capturing Miley at this special time in her life. The pictures are just precious. I will treasure them always! Becky, thanks for your sweet comment about Miley and we will definitely have a hard time deciding!-Gretchen